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there is the healer and the healed,

and then there is the space between us:

the resonance.

may we meet there.


  Lele has a decade of experience teaching yoga; with this as her foundation, her approach is to support her clients in creating more ease of movement, and restoring a sense of fluid strength and integrity in their physical and energetic selves. She creates a safe space for release, healing, and...relaxation.



Deep Tissue


Prenatal Massage


Craniosacral Fusion

Somatic Vocal Coaching


 Reiki & Energy Healing  





  “Lele Heartloom is a gifted, intuitive bodyworker and vocal alchemist who combines a unique offering of modalities to powerfully guide deep and profound shifts. She provides a nurturing and grounded space with graceful guidance into the realms of relaxation & therapeutic massage…. and for those who wish to dive deeper, somatic and energetic guidance combined with her unique form of vocal resonance work is where her truest magic lies.” - Keri


  “Lele is incredible! In my sessions with her I noticed how she brings a wholistic approach, addressing body mind and spirit. Thai massage with her is so therapeutic, I practically float out of her sessions. What ever you and your body are working through, Lele will meet you with a calming presence and a healthy curiosity. I can wholeheartedly say you are in good hands.” -Ian


  “Lele brings a sense of grounded magic to her work - I feel deep and subtle shifts throughout our sessions. I always leave feeling relaxed and integrated! “ -Matheo


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