What Clients are Saying

" I recently had a private lesson with Leah after having been to her 'Voice Power Pleasure; The Basics' workshop. I was moved and tapped into a new layer of myself that is further helping to integrate my upper and lower Chakras in my work and personal life (for reference, I'm almost 40 and have been doing deep work for 18 years). I have been exploring and practicing my singing voice for the last two years and have gotten a handful of professional lessons. Leah gave me unique tools to bring into my practice and I'm so excited to have something new to play with and elevate myself on so many levels! Sexy, fun, deep and professional! " 

 - Susanita, Big Island, HI


" It was such a blessing to hold space for this work. I loved how deep we went right away, and the after effects of opening my voice. I feel it and see it more and more each day. Mahalo for sharing your sacred downloads and teaching with us." 

 - Hope, Big Island, HI 


"Lele's intuition and tenderness holds space for direct contact with the ephemeral. Working with her and Voice Power Pleasure has brought me in touch with hidden pieces of myself. Lele is a seasoned companion on the journey of the soul."   


~ Erin,   Portland, OR