Hello Beauty, 

This practice may be 

for  you  if. . . 

*You are seeking to HEAL from 

voice/expression/sexual trauma

 *You are desiring to feel more SAFE in your body, vocally,  sensually, and sexually. 

 *You are ready to DE-MUZZLE your expression.

 *You are ready to SPEAK your TRUTH, and, KNOW your truth.



. . . Voice Power Pleasure is a Practice,  that fuses the 'Liberation Through Voice' curriculum with powerful Tantric exercises. 


  Through these teachings, I support you in becoming more empowered, through the Tantra of vocal expression, combined with a pelvic floor breath, and alchemic chakra activation, so that you can step into your highest service for the world.

  My prayer is that this supports you to feel joy in your expressive  Truth, and open to pleasurable, powerful Embodiment.

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  Benefits of learning this practice  are varied,

dependent on the specific needs for each individual's path, evolution, and healing . 

  Some workshop participants are reporting that they are experiencing heightened states of bliss and embodiment during their orgasms, or, having an orgasm in an entirely new way. 

  Some who have received this transmission are experiencing more grounded and clear states in their day-to-day life. 


  Some experience new sensations in their throat and vocal cords, such as being more relaxed,

and more smoothly open than ever. 

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