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Private Voice Tantra sessions 

Intuitive & Gentle Support, including: 

~ Somatically-informed skillful touch and

therapeutic bodywork. 

~Professional intuitive counsel


~ Tantric and Kundalini Yoga exercise guidance 

~ Energetic clearing with Reiki

and other Energy-Medicine modalities.

for men & male-identifying folx 

With Lele, you will receive the opportunity to re-pattern your relationship to your sexual /sensual center and voice, and heal your relationship to both the feminine within, and your masculine essence.  This creates the space for clearing your Voice and Expression, to become more aligned to your Truth, and be able to speak and create from there.

What Clients Are Saying

 Patent Lawyer,  Portland, OR 

“I recently experienced a transformative and restorative healing session with Lele! She brought a keen intuition to the somatic and emotional realms we explored, moving at a pace that safely encouraged me to lean into the kind of vulnerability that allows healing to unfold. Lele has a natural ability to attune to and apply the healing approach called for in the moment whether it be breath, vocalization, touch, movement, massage, or parts work. Working with her once brought much needed attention to some new areas for me to explore in my personal growth. I feel grateful to be the recipient of Lele’s healing presence.”

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