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 In my creative music process,I invoke the All Seeing Eye of...


Falcon Medicine...


    Lah Falkn

 My intention, in my music journey, is to be in creative sublim surrender. To be a vessel for the cosmic music of Creation,

I birth the mysterious & timeless Medicine of Song...

  song as it has always been taught :

by the stars and birds.



2020 & 2021



her love Official music video   
                   March 2018


  Lele is a visionary Musician-Composer, Singer, & Electro-acoustic Producer. Three years ago, feeling the strong desire to embody enhanced creative sovereignty, she taught herself to use Logic Pro, and built a home studio, with a simple set up of laptop, mic, Boss RC 505 Loop Pedal, and a DI box. Her dedication to drawing from the emotional seas of her consciousness, involves expanding these emotional energies to the collective consciousness. When she composes a song, she lets the emotive content open the portals to channel ancestral wisdom and totemic archetypes. Weaving in a tapestry of cultural song traditions and lineages into her creative style - she has a musical  background of study:  Raga (North Indian Classical), Balkan/'Romani', Western Classical Opera, Zimbabwean, Blues and Jazz, and various other indigenous song lineages.

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