I invoke the wild

and all-seeing Falcon Medicine. . .so, bring the name, Lah Falkn.

A vessel for the cosmic music of Creation,

I birth the mysterious & timeless Medicine of Song...song as it has always been taught :

by the stars and birds.

    I feel my music is an offering to the stark and raw hearts of humanity. I believe in alchemy, the transmutation of emotional highs and lows -  into states of powerful clarity and awakening, forgiveness, and Divine Love consciousness.  Words weave worlds, and we have the power to create realities through our words, lyrics, & poetry. My lyrics and poetry, I weave in various ways, using vocal looping, intricate harmonies, and beat boxing and something I like to call "beat-breathing." I invite my listeners to drift, dance, cry, shake, sing - - -  - - - into multidimensional worlds of healing, guidance, and devotion to the Mystery.


  Lele is a visionary musician-composer, singer, producer. Three years ago, feeling the strong desire to embody enhanced creative sovereignty, she taught herself to use Logic Pro, and built a home studio, with a simple set up of laptop, mic, Boss RC 505 Loop Pedal, and a DI box. Her dedication to drawing from the emotional seas of her consciousness, involves expanding these emotional energies to the collective consciousness. When she composes a song, she lets the emotive content open the portals to channel ancestral wisdom and totemic archetypes. Weaving in a tapestry of cultural song traditions and lineages into her creative style - she has a musical  background of study:  Raga (North Indian Classical), Balkan/'Romani', Western Classical Opera, Zimbabwean, Blues and Jazz, and various other indigenous song lineages.


Single Releases, 2020

2018 & 2019


her love Official music video   
                   March 2018