I'm Lele Heartloom,
       Tantric Voice Coach 
            SongWeaver, Music Producer,
                   Bodyworker, Birth Doula 
My Story

  I believe when our Inner King and Inner Queen - or - "Yin" and "Yang" energy circuits - make love and join together in perfect union, we get to experience a higher power, an infinite love, and our life’s purpose. 


  Once we access this union of opposites, within, we have no choice but to align with our true destiny. We all have these portals in our physical body; everyone is equipped with them. The tantric activation I am now called to share - is one that will gently awaken each person, uniquely, per their evolutionary healing needs.


  As we, all beings, come into deeper balance, we can become the leaders our planet needs at this crucial time in our complex socio-political culture.  


  My role is to guide women, men, and all non-binary beings through the layers of their past imprints and traumas, into greater freedom, expression, empowerment, and self-love. I teach a tantric practice I received in a dream-transmission, as well as other embodiment techniques designed to open to your Voice, and Sensual Self.


  It was a powerfully arduous, long, and winding uphill journey to arrive where I am now…


  My story is a story of rising up - into sovereignty & continuously emergent self-love. A story of singing and pleasure, and how it kept me thriving during a dark childhood.  A story of flying into the bliss of Inner Union, falling into Love  - madly – with. . . myself and the Infinite within. A story of abuse and mess, and the rugged beauty of a woman who has been knees deep in dirt for decades.


  I am 35 years of age. I feel more free and young than I ever have, now. For nearly two decades, I was caught in a constrictive codependent reality that in order to be truly happy on this Earth, I needed a man.


  Coming from an abusive, violent home, I was desperately seeking escape into anything that could resemble love. At age 12, my parents divorced, my mother had severe bipolar-psychotic breaks, and an even more abusive boyfriend than my father. My father escaped into a voracious dating game and remarried quickly to an alcoholic.


  My intuition knew my situation was deeply unhealthy, so, I gravitated to many outlets to anchor some sense of connection, to Life, to Love; I turned to singing, acting, dance, and excelled at school and music, but to find a deeper source of love and spiritual connection my heart was needing  - I explored psychoactive substances, alcohol, raves, boys, men, and sex.  All of these explorations, especially sex, helped me to feel powerful, and - - in control of my life - - which I needed in order to cope, due to a home life wherein everything I knew was out of my control and damaging. The men & my sexuality made me feel loved and connected, belonging to something, even if that something was not healthy or respectful to my being and body.


  Everything shifted dramatically, at age 19, when I backpacked across the country, found myself in the magic of Mt. Shasta, California, at a National Rainbow Gathering. My intuition guided me into my first Kundalini Yoga class, which initiated my healing tantric path in a beautiful way; later that year, I fell in love with another Kundalini practitioner; we got engaged quite young. At age 23, I moved to Portland, Oregon, to live with him.  There was so much pure beauty in our partnership, however, after a few years, I merged into a codependent life, financially, and otherwise.  Quietly within, there was a powerful low hum getting louder - of pain stashed away. I was slowly becoming more and more conscious of this dull hum.  At age 28, after several years of confusion, I listened to the call of my soul: the dull hum then became a voice, only getting louder, saying, “you need to experience other soulmates, and….you need to get your heart BROKEN.” Really -this is what I heard!


  So. . . I delved into what became 6 years of relationship after relationship; I explored my queerness, polyamory, dated an amazing woman, and many fascinating men. Almost each one ended in heartache that debilitated me; however. .  . each time my heart was broken. . .  OPEN, more and more.


  My significant breakthrough happened around Spring Equinox, of this year. At 9 months of a potent tantric relationship with a dear lover, I believe years of inner work, alchemical practices, and prayer finally culminated, and as if every cell in my body began to align with a truth that my every aspect of self was no longer NOT ABLE TO ALIGN with, I received the transmission, in my dream-time. This transmission has now become a foundational practice to my offering, Voice Power Pleasure™ 


  With this transmission, now referred to as the “Solar-to-Moon Activation,” my body was graced with total relaxation of my pelvic bowl /sexual muscles. I had held trauma-imprints from many sexual encounters, as well as ancestral maternal wounds, that were completely let free, all in the few moments of this dream.


  I have met my Inner King/ Animus, and it is his strength and assertion, that is now complimenting my Inner Queen/ Anima, in her ability now to fully relax. For the first time ever, I am awakening to authentic softness. My vulva and pelvic bowl are able to surrender and melt, and receive the power and confidence generating from my breath flow, my Solar Plexus, and thoracic diaphragm. With this, my voice is undergoing softening releases and expanding into its power.


  I sense within - a primary state of Union, or, simply put: deep & ever-deepening self love, that I have been praying for, for some years. The codependent habituation for sexual relating, the desperate desire for a man to fill me and my life vanished. I have birthed my Truth, Original Blueprint, and Service. My part, in healing this World and our communities.  


  I believe that as we combine this Tantric Activation with opening our voice, we begin to bridge the gap of: creativity, sexuality and sensuality to bold, yet, compassionate communication , and leading our communities into more wholeness, love and authentic connection.


 With my workshops and courses, Voice Power Pleasure™ , you are invited to embody your Truth & Self-Love, through activating the dance of your Inner Queen and King, your Voice, awaken Sensuality, Sexuality, Pleasure, and Power;  I will guide you, through the layers of imprints and traumas, into greater freedom, and expression. 

  My prayer is that you will experience a deeper awareness of your calling.


  Together, we must hold each other up and open each others’ voices. 


  One voice. One song.


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