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Sweet Secrets for Receiving the Gift of our Menses~Moon

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

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My moon time is a magical portal. When I start to feel this sensation of electric water-drops creating slight heaviness in my physical body, I know the blood is beginning to move in tides in my uterus.
I feel pain, yes, I feel the pain. The familiar headache spanning form the side of my neck, into my jaw, and under my skull, creeps into my awareness. My uterus has a dull vibration of gravity settling, and my lower back is slightly tense.

It is not that I do not experience pain; rather, I allow it. I have learned to allow it. I have learned to make space for this time. The more I cultivate a disciplined daily practice & my awareness, the more my moon has 'talked' to me. My body has some messages. I listen.

When I listen, I stay attuned, and I receive exquisite dreams and feelings of deep belonging and love. Our wombs have a direct connection to the Web of life. . . and death. . .and life. . .

There is a slowing down, a frequency of Earth, that I now just allow. This gravity, the electric water-drops, and the So, , are all signs of my time to embrace going within, to the darkness of beautiful insights, the liminal space wherein I re-charge, release, re-set, and re-birth.

This was not always the case.

My moon time was not always this liminal portal of psychic richness. In years past, I hardly felt it; I just kept living, in the external world, showing up to my partner, showing up to my job, showing up to traffic. This is the ubiquitous and rampant disease, that is stifling feminine wisdom : the art of slowing down.

Many of us - all genders(!) - are experiencing a dire side effect of the fast-paced patriarchal oppressive system we have been habituated to.

I want to share with you - there is another way. As wombyn, we are in a powerful time, in many arenas, of re-claiming our power. As part and parcel of this power, is our innate ability to slow down, to be of the Earth, in Earth electromagnetic field frequency, and nurture our bodies as the electric vessels of wonder that they are.

It saddens me whenever I hear a sister speak of her moon time - and is perceiving it as a monthly annoyance, and ignores it or, just totally damns it. Or, that she is grieving a disconnection to this time, this magic time, feeling it has been stolen from her - which it essentially has. More so, that she is grieving a loss of her regular cycle, as though the Earth herself is seeking her Moon. I understand why she feels this way, and I have such compassion and a belief that we are collectively shifting this!

!!! ( !!!

So, each of us, one wombyn, and one wombyn circle, at a time, creates the *'Red Tent'! How can you make space for your moon time? Become creative and carve out hours in the days of your next menses, to be in solitude , to massage your belly and take extra naps, embracing the watery world of the subconscious. Dream - ask your dreams to reveal answers to any issues coming up in your life. Write. Sit with oracle cards. Sit at the bank of the nearest river. Maybe even offer your blood to your garden, a houseplant, and speak out loud whatever it is is you are ready to release, as you pour over the soil.

Group energy! Perhaps call in 1 or 2 other sister friends, and chat over raspberry leaf tea, or, form a prayer circle & a womb ceremony, or just throw a candle-lit feast of chocolate, fruit and salad?

I'm called to close with an excerpt from a deck of oracle cards that I adore: the classic 1970s' Motherpeace Tarot.

"She feels herself in harmony with the elements. Like the blooming cactus flower, she embodies beauty & freshness. She has overcome her survival fears and mastered her Craft. Like all medicine-woman, she the trusts the universe to take care of her and provide her with whatever she needs."


If you feel called to work with me, I offer private vocal empowerment coaching sessions, online courses, and offline group Voice Tantra journeys for Wombyn. Click here to book your Free Exploration Call, or here to book a private voice empowerment , or, intuitive bodywork session. ~ All my love ~ Lele

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