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Ways to Bless Our Waters Within; Abundance & Flow

I recently was given the grace of an insight. While having some retreat time at the Jackson Wellsprings, OR, particularly at the Goddess Temple, I received many specific guiding messages. . . A part of my personal healing path has been around sifting through deeply engrained shadow-views of money, while focusing on building my entrepreneurial skills.

Flow, surrender, mystery, and feminine chaos. There is a connection between these and the mentality - the attitude - of abundance. Abundance is a word we have floating ubiquitously in our world these days. Many are calling it in, dancing it in, praying and craving for it.

Abundance is not a flow somewhere out there, however.

Abundance is a felt state. It is the inner swirl of sacral center floodgates dissolving, into our core, our legs, our heart, and hands.

As I develop my solar center, or, solar plexus, I sense my personal power growing. I feel confidence. I feel drive and enthusiasm for my projects. I build structures. I work with strategy. This is one element of raising income.

What I now understand, in my cellular intelligence , is that the missing piece had been feeling the flow in my womb space, or, my sacral center. (All beings, all genders, can sense this space, whether having a biological womb or not)

Dropping downward, into this inner whirlpool, wellspring, & oceanic space,

we are asked to bless the creative waters of our consciousness.

We are asked to bless the physical waters of our blood, lymph, and cerebrospinal fluid.

Since I received this guidance, I have been practicing blessing my waters, & my womb. It is a precious and sweet practice. It is one that instantaneously asks to fall into the state of allowing. I fall into the state of the intelligence of water. Water forms into any shape, with grace, and, yet, with equal grace, it may vehemently rush into structures, sometimes at such magnitude , that it may erode the shapes and ridges of well-planned constructs - of the mind.

In essence, it creates space. It carves gently with soft but firm flow, the inner landscapes. Where limiting beliefs are keeping us paralyzed, water-intelligence will seep into their cracks, and swell those limits into softening, into release. The art of allowing, and the consciousness of water is inherently needed to experience growth, ease, & an abundance - of money, love, support, opportunities, etc.

Most significantly, I trust. When I settle into the consciousness of my womb space and water flows within, I feel trust. I feel held, in the river, in the ocean, in this nutritive bath that is my inner flow.

Ways to Bless Our Waters

1. One hand on the sacral space, below the belly button, one hand on the heart, softly say aloud, or mentally: "I bless the waters of my womb." Be with this sensation. Be with whatever arises, in your felt senses.

2. Repeat the words, "I am in flow." often.

3. Feel the flow in your life. Wherever you are feeling stuck, lacking creative action, or, financial in-flow, come back to #1 practice, and imagine this scenario, while you are blessing the waters of your womb.

With all my love, & womb~waters of compassion, I envision we all find our flow, be in flow, and allow. May our waters of the Earth be in healthy flow; as we heal our bodies, may we tend to Earth.


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Love ~ Lele Heartloom

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