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The Magic Science of The Voice-to-Vagina Relationship

The secret is out, sisters. Singing will induce parasympathetic-states of relaxation, and enhance our orgasmic pleasure and our overall personal relationship – to our womb space, cervix, vagina, and pleasure centers.

So, I have been a songbird since I came out of my Momma’s womb, and my lungs took their first breaths. It is not a wonder to me, any longer, now with legitimate scientific proof, as to why BOTH singing and orgasmic pleasure have been a natural gift I have carried since a very young child.

It is also not a wonder to me that there are direct pathways, in our nervous system, from the vocal cords to the vagina – and cervix.

What really excites the psychologist-somatic witchy nerd in this: there is a magnificent nerve being researched profusely, named the vagus nerve. It is the largest nerve of the body, and it threads from the brainstem to the sacral nerve plexus. It responds mostly to outside stimuli, such as movement and pressure-based action. The vagus is connected to the vocal cords and muscles in the back of the throat. Many people in our culture have a vagus nerve with poor tone, which is linked to burn-out, anxiety, depression, etc. When we sing and breathe deeply, it helps to bring tone to this nerve, which in turn, induces the parasympathetic nervous system to turn on, causing relaxation and reducing stress responses.

This relaxation response, of course, extends down to the sacral center, the creative source of our being, and …yes , you guessed it…into the nerves of the vagina.

This leads me to sharing a couple inspirations with you, sisters!

First, next time, at the same time as you are routinely placing your diva cup, organic tampon, yoni egg, or - - whatever your pleasure - -into your vaginal canal, try humming, especially a deep low hum. You’ll be amazed at the muscular ease and softness that will transpire.

Another one (that I’ll be happily blogging on more later) I would love for you to try: sing a deep soulful hum, next time you are in lovemaking mode; this can be while solo, in self-pleasure, or, with your partner! Naturally, this is something I, myself, have explored, and I have learned it can be especially wonderful to go to soft sultry humming when I am in the physical act of lovemaking. Relaxed layers of bliss and pleasure are unveiled.


If you are curious about how to work with me and empower yourself with opening your voice, I have many workshop offerings coming up, including a transformative 5 Week Online Course , Voice Power Pleasure , launching on July 30th! Go to my Book Online page and schedule a Free Exploration Call to see how we may work together. <3

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